Welcome to the thriving Portland real estate market!  You are about to embark on the exciting experience of buying a home.  A great deal of investigation and decision-making goes into this process.  With that in mind, I created this guide to help ease some of the concerns that can arise during this experience.  Within this guide you will find helpful information related to searching for a home, obtaining a loan, the purchase process, moving and more.

Many clients ask, “How will you add value to the search I can do on my own?” or more succinctly, “Why do I need you?”  Simply put, my expertise will ensure that your rights are protected and your opportunities are maximized. 

As a purchaser of real estate, you should always be represented.  It is the only way to guarantee that your interests are protected to the fullest extent.  Frequently buyers mistakenly believe that purchasing a home without an agent will reduce the commission and save them money.  However, the commission paid on the sale of a home is generally unrelated to the number of agents involved:  if only the listing agent is involved, s/he will receive the full commission while you, the buyer, have endured a transaction without exclusive representation.  If you are represented, your agent is paid part of the commission that would otherwise go to the listing agent alone.  Ensure that your rights, confidences and interests are protected to the fullest extent by working with an agent representing you exclusively.

My legal background and real estate experience give me a unique advantage when negotiating on your behalf.  While I cannot act as your attorney in this transaction, I will help you identify unnecessary exposure and potential liability related to your transaction.  I will use my training in both fields to protect your interests and position you most advantageously in your home purchase.

Finally, my association with The Hasson Company Realtors provides me access to a multitude of properties before they are available on the open market.  These properties, commonly referred to as ‘pocket listings,’ are properties offered to Hasson agents and their clients.  Translation:  you get first dibs on some very special properties offered by agents with the highest grossing average sales per agent in the region!

For many agents the most important objective is satisfying their clients.  I believe that client satisfaction should be your minimum expectation.  My team and I work constantly to improve our systems, processes and services to reach well beyond the standard level of service provided by most agents.  We strive to be exceptional and to make your home-buying experience extraordinary.

I look forward to the privilege of working with you!


Most sincerely,

Ginger Burke